Rat Academy – summary notes from Rat Academy led by DoHMH, sponsored by Council Member Shahana Hanif and the Park Slope Fifth Avenue Business Improvement District. April 19th 2022

  • Rats like a short commute so they shelter near to their food and water source.
  • They breed like rabbits.
  • They light a straight commute in closed spaces like pipes.
  • They love debris and clutter.
  • They love a mix of carbs, protein and fat.
  • They love dog feces.
  • They love their own smell.
  • Rats don’t get dug up with construction but like the debris and clutter around construction sites. Hence lots of rats.
  • Rats like restaurant rows, tree pits, green spaces where there’s shelter and water, and parks.
  • Rats teeth grow 2mm a day! They can bit through most things softer than steel.

So that means:
– Garbage. Bag it, monitor it and keep the cans and the areas clean.
– Keep cans slightly away from the wall or edge of area so it’s not a safe, tight place for the rat to travel.
– Burrows need to be excavated, collapsed. If you put a stone over the holes, the rats will just get in and the burrow will be nice and warm. If you throw water down it, the rats will have a water source. Keep collapsing the burrows, it will take a while but eventually the rats will be stressed and go somewhere else.
– Bait boxes should be monitored properly by a pest control manager.
– Keep vegetation short.
– Clean areas where food and garbage are put out with 10 part water 1 part bleach solution.
– Tight closed garbage cans are a must and enough garbage cans.
– Put garbage on a concrete surface for the collection, so the surface can be cleaned. Add bleached rags to hide garbage smell.
– Curb your dog!
– Call 311 if you see burrows. Property owners are responsible for rat prevention and mitigation. They are inspected and given time to remediate. If no response then they are given a violation and fine.

Email the rat portal with any questions:

NYC City Rat Portal https://www1.nyc.gov/site/doh/health/health-topics/rats.page

Park Slope Fifth Avenue Business Improvement District – BID