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Open Boulevards 5th Avenue Park Slope 

August 8, 2021

3:00pm: Drilling Company Shakespeare 

4:00pm: Opera On Tap

5:00pm: Mitch Marcus Quintet 

6:00pm: Bombay Rickey 

With clowning by SarahBesque and Bethford

Artist Info:

SarahBesque and Bethford


Collaborative clown and dance partners Sarah Pope and Beth Leonard are dancers, improvisers, choreographers, administrators, and teachers who have worked interactively together with enthusiastic audiences at arts venues and festivals throughout the city.

Drilling Company Shakespeare


Ingenious and irreverent, the enterprising Drilling Company brings together a talented troupe of actors to produce what The New York Times calls “perfectly executed” outdoor theater in Bryant Park and Shakespeare in the Parking Lot, including the recently staged Two Noble Kinsmen, Shakespeare’s last known work. 


Hamilton Clancy

Lukas Raphael

Liz Livingston 

Michaela Lind

With Shakespeare songs and music by:

Natalie Smith

Opera on Tap


Taking opera out of the concert hall and into alternative venues, the innovative Brooklyn-born OOT makes sure that new audiences throughout the country experience the drama, beauty, and exhilaration of opera while promoting it as a viable, living, progressive and FUN art form. Inspired by the Zoltar machine at Coney Island, OPERACADE was conceived for OOT by Anne Hiatt, Todd Perlmutter, and Ramona Ponce, and built by H. Lloyd Hawkins Scenic Studio and New Orleans Opera. 


Aaron Halevi

Shawn Farrar

Samantha Nahra

Mithuna Sivaraman

With pianist Felix Jarrar

Mitch Marcus Quintet


MMQ is 21st century jazz that plays “adventurous music that swings with all the muscularity and verve of (jazz) pioneers like Mingus, Monk, and Rollins, but pays tribute to that glorious past by daring to advance the sweet science of collective improvisation into the future.” (Wired Magazine)

Evan Francis, alto sax/flute

Mitch Marcus, tenor sax

Jeff Miles, guitar

Peter Brendler, bass

Jerad Lippi, drums

Bombay Rickey


With a unique sound evocative of 1960s movie soundscapes, Bombay Rickey plays both covers and original music that borrow equally from the worlds of surf rock, cumbia, spaghetti-Western, and Bollywood, balanced out with soaring operatic vocals. Winner of International Music Awards for Best Eclectic Album in 2019 and for Vox Pop in 2014.

Kamala Sankaram, vocals/accordion

Drew Fleming, guitar/vocals

Jeff Hudgins, alto saxophone/vocals

Nick Cudahy, electric bass

Brian Adler, percussion

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